BBC Stifles Racial Discussion
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The Today Programme

Monday August 11th 2008

I looked forward to an informed discussion between Edward Stourton and Matthew Syed about how some countries seem to excel in some sports and not in others.

Syed made the valid point that peoples of certain genetic make-up are better suited to some kinds of sports. This is well researched and there is a lot of useful things to be said about it. I wanted to hear it. But what is Edward Stourton's reaction? "Hang on - you are getting on dangerous ground here -- if you start linking peoples' performance with their race."

That is the elephant in the room. In a wide range of activities, there are racial differences - scientifically attested, verified and re-verified. And yet people like Stourton strangle any discussion at birth with the alacrity of a Jesuit inquisitor joyfully spotting a heresy. Poor Matthew Syed was reduced to spluttering platitudes to avoid charges of racism - an accusation to which, just like an unfortunate medieval old woman charged with witchcraft, there is no defense.  

Shame on the BBC for sacrificing intellectual enlightenment on the altar of obscurantism and prejudice.